KOTNIG, trgovina in gostinstvo d.o.o.

Kitni Vrh 1a, 1303 Zagradec, Slovenia

Services and support


In our company we arrange favorable financing for the purchase of machinery.

We offer two forms of financing:


Required documentation for a loan for employees or retirees with a minimum deposit, with the possibility of financing up to 72 months:

  • • the last three payslips or pension cuts,
  • • the last three bank statements
  • • a valid identity document (identity card or passport) and tax number,
  • • completed questionnaire (which you receive from us),
  • * credit can be obtained by citizens of the Republic of Slovenia and citizens of the Republic of Slovenia employed in companies established in the EU (Italy, Austria, Hungary, Croatia,…)
  • * your machinery, which can be taken into account, can be taken as a deposit or as a supplement to the difference.


For new machinery:

  • – Deposit 20%
  • – Up to 7 years For used machinery
  • – Deposit 30%
  • – Up to 6 years

Documentation you need:


  • – Copy of identity document
  • – Tax number
  • – Bank account number
  • – Last 3 copies of the payroll
  • – Last 3 bank statements


  • – Copy of identity document
  • – Tax number
  • – Bank account number
  • – Copy of the decision on the status of the farmer
  • – Bank statement of transactions for the last 12 months
  • – A copy of the notice of cadastral income or revenue from the sale of crops

For additional information or informative calculation you can contact us at: 031 895 321 or info.kotnig@gmail.com

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