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Bomet is a leading Polish manufacturer of agricultural machinery with 29 years of experience. It specializes in machines for preparing the soil before and after harvesting, sowing, growing and harvesting vegetables. The company offers high quality tillage machines. Production is located in the city of Węgrów on an area of more than 25 thousand m 2 . In order to maintain a high standard, the company cooperates with the best manufacturers of steel and working elements of renowned companies from Poland and Europe. The Bomet brand is recognized in many European and global markets and is highly valued by Polish farmers. The machines are delivered to customers in Europe, Asia, Africa and North and South America. Due to its commitment to product improvement and the introduction of new solutions, the company has been awarded several times at industrial events. Bomet is a family business founded in 1992 and has focused on values such as trust, reliability and honesty since its inception; Tradition and many years of experience together with a modern technology park are the strength of the company.

Prestigo was founded in 2017 and is a family business. The original goal of the company was mainly production and supply for the domestic market of agricultural machinery. Later, a well-developed commercial network and a high standard of own products took their products outside their home country, now they cover several European countries with their products. The ultimate goal of Prestige is primarily customer satisfaction and the implementation of solutions that will meet their needs and expectations. At Prestigio, they strive and invest in continuous development, building long-term business relationships that they want to support with continuous measures to improve their current products, as well as expanding the range of machines with new products.

Since 1864, the company has put customers and their needs at the heart of the business, always ready to listen and understand their requirements. Thanks to customer satisfaction and loyalty, dedication and professionalism of all employees, team spirit to innovations that they want to achieve by acquiring continuous knowledge. The company is growing and consolidating its leading position internationally. Maintaining continuous growth by offering a full range of haymaking machines in agriculture around the world, which are increasingly striving for quality, innovation and technology, pay special attention to environmental protection, are committed to the design and production of environmentally friendly products.

Since 1990, Talex has been doing its best to meet the expectations of modern farming customers with its machines. In order to understand the customer, they become aware of its needs and have a flexible approach - which is why they are now at the forefront of agricultural machinery manufacturers in Poland. With many years of experience, they have achieved that their machines are reliable, high quality and trustworthy. The machines they manufacture are used in agriculture, horticulture and municipal facilities. They offer a wide range of machines, discs, drum mowers, light mulchers, tedders and sweepers. Together with new projects, modern technologies and large investments, they are gradually expanding the range of available products. Their products are available in all European countries, as well as in Ukraine, Russia, USA and Africa.

Giemme Machinery was founded in 2007. He is active in the production and sale of agricultural machinery and garden equipment. The company has a wide range of products in its production program. It offers its products throughout Italy and also in some countries across Europe. Their winning karate that makes the company successful in the domestic and international market is many years of experience, dedication to finding new solutions with continuous development of agriculture, understanding customer needs and ensuring high competitiveness of products in terms of reliability, quality and efficiency.