KOTNIG, trgovina in gostinstvo d.o.o.

Kitni Vrh 1a, 1303 Zagradec, Slovenia

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Supply of spare parts

Our company ensures the supply of spare parts for all machinery that can be purchased from us for which we are agents or. importers.

With a constant supply of spare parts and a fast postal connection, we strive to replace the part at your address in the shortest possible time.

We offer the possibility of payment:

  • – According to the estimate
  • – After collection of the ordered goods

Spare part name: Batteries

Where is this spare part: the use of working machines

Spare part condition : NEW

Internal number : /

Price : Contact us for a price!

Net price : — € + VAT


In the month of December 2021 we have an ACTION of batteries for:

– personal vehicles
– combined vehicles
– tractors

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